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Xplore VR Studios brings unique excitement to any kind of event. Our VR activations are perfect for people who want their guests to have fun, create unforgettable memories, and talk about their event for months to come. 

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Xplore VR Studios is made up of two divisions; a full XR  development studio, and an event rental house. Having both branches enables us to conceptualize and develop branded XR experiences then showcase them at event activations.
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Have an event you would like VR at?
We can run it!
Need a custom VR/AR experience?
We can build it! 
Want to showcase your custom Xperience at your event?
No Problem! We can make your event unforgettable! 

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We work with both individuals and companies to provide the best in VR entertainment for events, including private parties, exhibits, trade shows, festivals, and conferences. We handle all the technical stuff so you and your guests can jump right into the joy and excitement of Virtual Reality.
Choose from dozens of premade experiences or have us build one custom for your event! Contact us today to learn more! 
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*Every detail was handcrafted for optimal user experiences.
Above are our basic rental packages. Every event is unique and has its own needs. Contact us today for a free consultation and we will put together the perfect package to make your event unforgettable! 
Want a ONE OF A KIND Xperience just for your event? 
We can build one for you!



XploreVR Studios blends art, design, and computer science together creating innovative, multi-purpose XR experiences for all industries.


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First, there was the printing press, then came the radio, the television, the internet, youtube. Now, the next medium is here, Virtual Reality, where the only limit is your imagination! 
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We would love to hear from you! Have an event coming up? Have an idea you want to see come to life. Contact us today to learn more about our XR services.

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Proudly bringing XR Xperiences to Philadelphia, New York, and everywhere in between.