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Virtual.  Digital. Metaverse. 

We design and build virtual environments that can be used on any platform and unlock boundless possibilities. Step into a realm where imagination becomes reality as we harness cutting-edge technology to create immersive experiences tailored for every platform.

Screenshot 2023-06-04 123122.png

Washinton Square Park

Experience the beauty of Washington Square Park in a completely virtual environment! Our Virtual Washington Square Park is a digital twin of the iconic landmark, built to run the virtual portion of the Metaverse & Cities Summit in April 2023. Explore the park and take in the sights, sounds, and atmosphere of the park from the comfort of your own home. 

Hall of Mayors

This virtual hall was designed to showcase the digital avatars of city mayors who attended The United States Conference of Mayors, winter 2023.

Hall of Mayors (A-F) on 6-4-23 at 12.39 PM.png
B&W Photo Gallery on 6-4-23 at 12.41 PM.png

B&W Photo Gallery

This virtual art gallery was built to showcase the digital photography of Andrew Stapp, 2021.

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